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September 1999
Volume 7 Issue 5
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EDM/2 Meta Index
This is the one big huge giant index of everything written in EDM/2. I hope it is as useful as I had hoped it would be ;) Please write and suggest improvements if you think of some.

Read Past Issues
Read the past HTML issues online. We have links directly to each issue and article ever published.

Download EDM/2 Issues
Download EDM/2 issues here. We have HTML for all issues, INF for most, and source code zips.

We still have some EDM/2 CDs left. BMT Micro is selling and shipping it, so this link will take you to their page. Have fun with it! Three things to know: add /w to the CDFS.IFS line in your config.sys to enable the Joliet file system (needs at least Fixpack 5), and the "6" on the Fixpack page is a typo; it is indeed Fixpack 8. Finally, here is a link to a fixed installation script for the fixpack.

Other EDM/2 Sites
In addition to our server in Florida, USA, we have a site in Sweden and another in Poland.

EDM/2 Logistics
Background information, legal mumbo jumbo, and who's who on the EDM/2 team.

About the EDM/2 Site
A short outline of design and practical choices made in the course of building the site, and how to best view the site.