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rc = WinCreateObject( pszClassName, pszTitle, pszSetupString, pszLocation, ulFlags );


PSZ pszClassName (input)
A pointer to a string containing the name of the object class.

PSZ pszTitle (input)
A pointer to a string containing the title of the object.

PSZ pszSetupString (input)
A pointer to a string containing setup strings.

PSZ pszLocation (input)
A pointer to a string containing a folder location (object ID).

Predefined objects of system folders
"<WP_NOWHERE>" The hidden folder.
"<LOCATION_DESKTOP>" The currently active desktop.
"<WP_OS2SYS>" The System folder.
"<WP_TEMPS>" The Templates folder.
"<WP_CONFIG>" The System Setup folder.
"<WP_START>" The Startup folder.
"<WP_INFO>" The Information folder.
"<WP_DRIVES>" The Drives folder.

ULONG ulFlags (input)
Object creation flags. The following list of parameters can be used to customize object creation.

CO_FAILIFEXISTS The object will not be created if it already exists.
CO_REPLACEIFEXISTS The object will replace an existing object if needed.
CO_UPDATEIFEXISTS If the object exists, it will be updated with new information.


Handle to the newly created object. NULLHANDLE is returned if there was an error.

Include Info

#include <os2.h>

Usage Explanation

This function creates an object of pszClassName with the title pszTitle and places it in the location of pszLocation.

Relevant Structures


Sample Code

#define INCL_WINWINDOWMGR #include <os2.h> . . . // Places an object called "My Program" in the OS/2's System Folder hObject = WinCreateObject("WPProgram", "My Program", "PROGTYPE=PM;EXENAME=MYPROG.EXE;", "<WP_OS2SYS>", CO_FAILIFEXISTS); if (hObject == NULLHANDLE) WinMessageBox(HWND_DESKTOP, hwnd, "Object Creation failed!", "My Program", 0, MB_MOVEABLE | MB_OK); . . .

See Also

WinDeregisterObjectClass, WinDestroyObject, WinRegisterObjectClass, WinReplaceObjectClass, WinSetObjectData


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