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The OS/2 API Project - Contributors

OS/2 These tables contain, in order of prolificness, and then alphabetically, the contributors to The OS/2 API Project so far. The number on the left is the number of APIs, #define's and so on currently completed. The number in the brackets on the right is the number of APIs, #define's and so on I have been promised, but haven't yet received. If you find errors or omissions in any of the APIs, you can either write me at timur@vnet.ibm.com directly, and I will pass the information on, or you can mail the author and they will pass the information on to me to fix the site.

APIs Name E-mail address
23 Joe Phillips jaiger@eng2.uconn.ed
19 (2) Oscar Gustafsson oscar@lysator.liu.se
17 Stefan Mars mars@lysator.liu.se
7 (10) Ryan C. Gordon warped42@ix.netcom.com
5 Bill Buchanan billb@ic.net
5 Carsten Whimster bcrwhims@uwaterloo.ca
2 Timur Tabi timur@vnet.ibm.com

#define's Name E-mail address
81 Carsten Whimster bcrwhims@uwaterloo.ca
76 Dean Roddey droddey@jagunet.com

Tutorials Name E-mail address
1 Abram Dancy abester@mit.edu

Additions Name E-mail address
2 Carsten Whimster bcrwhims@uwaterloo.ca
1 Dan Libby dandaman@aloha.com
1 Thierry de Montaudry thierry@absa.co.za
1 Avi Schwartz avi@mcs.com

Last modified November 9/1996
Please send all errors, comments, and suggestions to: timur@vnet.ibm.com

The OS/2 API Project