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bRC = PrfCloseProfile( hini );


HINI hini (input)
Handle to an initialization file to close. This is any valid handle returned by PrfOpenProfile(). Passing HINI_PROFILE, HINI_USERPROFILE, or HINI_SYSTEMPROFILE is not permitted.


This return value is always either:
TRUE success
FALSE Error occurred

If FALSE, you may use WinGetLastError() to find out what went wrong. Possible errors PrfCloseProfile() may incur:
PMERR_INI_FILE_IS_SYS_OR_USER 0x1124 HINI_PROFILE, HINI_USER, HINI_USERPROFILE, HINI_SYSTEM, or HINI_SYSTEMPROFILE was specified. These profiles may not be closed by an application.
PMERR_INVALID_INI_FILE_HANDLE 0x1115 An invalid HINI was specified.

Include Info

#define INCL_WIN
#define INCL_PM
#include <.os2.h>.

Usage Explanation

Call this function when you are done with a profile you have created with PrfOpenProfile. The Handle to an Initialization file (HINI) you pass to PrfCloseProfile will be then be invalid, and should not be used for any further API calls.

Relevant Structures


Don't pass the system or user profile handles to this function. They are opened initially by the operating system, and can't be closed by an application.

Sample Code

/* * Assume for the sake of this example that there exists two functions, * one named RestOfProgram(), which will contain everything after we * get the profile opened, and WhineAboutErrors(), which displays an * error message, and terminates the program. */ #define INCL_WIN #include <os2.h> int main(void) { HAB hab; HINI hiniMyProfile; hab = WinInitialize(0); hiniMyProfile = PrfOpenProfile(hab, "MYPROF.INI"); if (hiniMyProfile != NULLHANDLE) RestOfProgram(hiniMyProfile); else WhineAboutErrors("Couldn't open profile."); /* After RestOfProgram() returns, close the profile we are done with. */ if (PrfCloseProfile(hiniMyProfile) == FALSE) WhineAboutErrors("Couldn't close profile."); return(0); } /* main */

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