User Customizable Menu (UCMenu)

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The User Customizable Menu (UCMenu) is a very powerful "toolbar" custom PM control. It allows the user to define the ordering of menu items and visual representation (artwork and text) of menu items. Most customization functions are encapsulated inside the control itself, greatly reducing the application code needed to support a customizable toolbar. Extensive use is made of direct manipulation for a smooth integration with the OS/2 Workplace Shell. For example, to reorder items on the toolbar, the user can just drag/drop items into new positions. Dragging a toolbar item to the shredder will delete it. A context menu gives quick access to other customization functions.

This package contains the complete UCMenu custom PM control including all source code. It also includes several working sample programs that demonstrate the appearance and operation of the toolbar. Also included is a programmers toolkit reference in OS/2 VIEW format.


  • BSD Alike - AS IS


  • Gennaro Cuomo
  • Jürg von Känel
  • Alex Bertrand (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center)
  • Guillaume Le Stum
  • John Ponzo
  • Alan Warren
  • Mark McMillan (IBM Research Triangle Park)