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PostWhat WPS Class Example is a WPS class made by Lars Erdmann created for educational purposes. The PostWhat class implements yellow sticky notes on WPS as an example to help users learning using the for SOM/WPS, the PostWhat class is derived from the WPAbstract class, which means it is saving all its content into the OS2.INI which make is unsuitable as an actual working program.

As an additional learning effort Lars also implemented a replacement class for the one created, just changing the colouring from a yellow sticky note to a red sticky note.

There are quite a few things you can learn from this example:

  • How to remove and add menu items to an objects menu and tie these to functionality.
  • How to add a completely new view to an object (that is none of the icon/structure/tree views but rather a new custom view), how to add this new view to the use list and how to make it show up in the window list.
  • How to do some cleanup in OS2.INI on object deletion where WPAbstract does not do the job properly.
  • How to do exception handling for a WPS class.
  • How FFST (first failure support technology) works to add logging info to the system log (used by the classes to write exception info to the system log)
  • How a replacement class works / how you derive one class from another class.

Compile Information

  1. It is based on IBM VisualAge C++. You will need to adjust makefiles to use it with other compilers like WATCOM for example.
  2. It expects the IBM Toolkit to be installed and it expects the SOMBASE environment variable to point into the corresponding Toolkit directory (normally this is OS2TK45\som).
  3. It expects SMINCLUDE environment variable to have the default value after Toolkit installation.