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PMDLL is an open source utility program that displays a tree of all the DLL's that are loaded by an OS/2 executable file or DLL. This is highly useful as a debugging aid both for programmers and for end users as it can show you exactly what DLL's are being loaded, but equally importantly where from they are loaded, but a number of otherwise seemingly perplexing failures come from a program loading an older or incompatible version from unexpected directories.

What is the dot? (WTD)

WTD is a freeware wrapper for PMDLL that allows you to drop an exe or DLL into, the folder where the exe/DLL was dropped from becomes the start folder for PMDLL.


  • PMDLL v2.12 (2016-02-26)
  • What is the dot? 10 (2016-07-17)


  • PMDLL is open source software in the public domain
  • What is the dot? is a closed source freeware.


  • Arthur van Beek (Original PMDLL author)
  • Steven H. Levine (Current PMDLL maintainer and WTD author)
  • A. Doff (What is the dot? author)

See also: CHKDLL32.EXE