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A 16 and 32 bit C and C++ development system for DOS, Windows and OS/2, the system comprised an IDE with editor, compiler, profiler and debugger.


The tool was originally delivered as C only compiler for DOS called Datalight C, then the British company Zorland took over the distribution and it was renamed Zorland C, and was aimed squarely at the budget end of the market, after a legal threat from Borland the name was changed to Zortech and rudimentary C++ capabilities were added.

Note that with version 2 you could buy an integrated system that supported OS/2 and DOS or a cheaper system that only supported DOS and in some countries only the cheaper version was distributed. With version 3 of the compiler 16 and 32 bit versions for DOS and 16 bit version Windows and OS/2 came in the same package. Also version 2.1 for SCO Unix was offered.

Bought by Symantec in 1992 who released a version 3.1 as a separate compiler for 32 bit OS/2 only. The Symantec version includes the rather spiffy Multiscope Debugger.

The built in editor shipped with the package was based on MicroEMACS.


Datalight Optimum C
  • 1986
Zorland C
  • 1987: 2.0
Zortech C++
  • Oct 1988: 1.05
  • Nov 1988: 1.06
  • Jun 1989: 1.07
  • Mar 1990: 2.0 (DOS, Windows, OS/2 1.x)
  • Apr 1990: 2.06
  • Oct 1990: 2.1 (additional for SCO UNIX)
  • Apr 1991: 2.18
  • Jun 1991: 3.0
    • Zortech C++ for Windows Version 3.0 (Windows SDK included)
    • Zortech C++ Developer's Edition Version 3.0 (with OS/2 support)
    • Zortech C++ Science and Engineering Edition Version 3.0
Symantec Zortech C++
  • Dec 1992: 3.1
    • Zortech C++ Version 3.1 for DOS and Windows
    • Zortech C++ Version 3.1 for OS/2 2.0 and DOS
  • 1993: Zortech C++ for Windows NT (Preview)

See also: Symantec C++

Porting aids


  • Discontinued commercial software

Author & publisher

  • Walter Bright
  • Datalight (Original distributor)
  • Zortech Ltd. (Originally Zorland Ltd.)
  • Symantec