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Yvonne Nonte Stoetzel is a Senior Associate Programmer in IBM's Build and Integration department. She was the Build Team Leader for the IBM Microkernel product. Previously, Yvonne was responsible for building, integrating, and delivering OS/2 1.2 and 2.0 US, OS/2 2.1 National Language, Preload and OEM versions to the market place.

Yvonne Stoetzel was the development manager of The Developer Connection for OS/2. In addition, she was responsible for the development of the Assembly Language Processor (ALP) and the Entertainment Tools in the Developer's Toolkit for OS/2 Warp. Since joining IBM in 1991, Yvonne has worked as the Build Team Leader for OS/2 and Microkernel development, as well as staff to the Developer Tools area.


by Yvonne Nonte Stoetzel and Gregg Mason:

Republishing Permission
IBM gave permission to republish the OS/2 Developer Connection Articles on the EDM/2 Wiki. Martin Iturbide obtained this permission from IBM on June 16 of 2013 via e-mail.