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Multi-platform programmer's editor modelled to a degree on vi that was originally released for the Atari ST in the latter half of the 80s as STEVIE but around 1990 it was forked into a version called xvi and ported to a host of operating systems including AIX, BSD, HP-UX, Linux, MS-DOS, OS/2, QNX, Solaris, SunOS, Sunview, UNIX System V, Windows NT and Xenix/386. While functionally similar to vi it adds a number of more modern features such as multiple buffers and so on.

There was for a time also available a CLI mode port of xvi available for OS/2 but that appears lost to the vagaries of time.


  • 2.15 (1995) - XVI/PM Alpha 4 for OS/2 Presentation Manager
  • 2.49
  • 2.50.3 (2017-06-07)


  • Open source in the public domain, OS/2 PM source was never released



  • Chris Downey (Original xvi author)
  • John Downey (Original xvi author)
  • Martin Guy (Current maintainer)
  • Ned Konz (OS/2 PM port)