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An open source xBase database compiler. A fork of Harbour, xHarbour was meant to be a more modern implementation of the xBase standard with better support for "modern GUI concepts". Initially it featured all the same back ends as Harbour had but as the main developers announced their intention to make the product commercial and as such support only Windows and Linux, most of the people supporting back ends other than these two went back to the Harbour Project and so did a number of other developers. And when the commercial variant showed up it only supported MS Windows.

The xHarbour project and in particular the open source variant is now for all intents dead as far as new developments are concerned although a sole developer has been keeping the Windows version updated privately but his changes do not show up in the official branch and sometimes are difficult to get hold of.


  • Latest OS/2 version: 0.99.7 - GCC back end support only.
  • Latest Windows version: 1.20.1
  • Latest Linux version: 1.20
  • All other ports: 0.99.6 (DOS, Mac OSX, FreeBSD)
  • GCC compiler, used to compile the output of the xHarbour compiler into machine code.



  • The bulk of the project is licensed under the GPL v2 although some libraries are under a commercial license.


  • Harbour Project (Original author)
  • Ron Pinkas (xHarbour head honcho)
  • Mel Smith


  • xHarbour is primarily written in C with a few libraries being written in C++
  • Not all source code appears to be available
  • Source code repository