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Multi-platform programmers text mode editor, derived from Tim Baldwin's XE code sample, which in turn was originally inspired by OS/2's E series of editors, and X2 has similar REXX based extension functionalities as the Enhanced E Editor does.

Supported Operating Systems

In addition to OS/2, X2 is available for HP-UX, Linux on x86 and S/390, Windows NT and newer, SunOS, AIX and FreeBSD. There is also an experimental version for Windows with a graphical interface.

Development of the editor has slowed down considerably since the turn of the century, Mr. Thompson has done a little bit of work on the NT variant and Linux variants of the editor but most other versions have been unchanged for more than a decade.


Version Operating System Macro Language
2.01.1 (Mar 2001) DOS xdos.zip -
OS/2: x2.zip REXX, Object REXX
AIX 4.2: xaix42.tgz Object REXX
HP-UX 10.20: xhp.tgz
Linux/390: xlin390.tgz
2.01.2 (Nov 2001) Solaris: xsun.zip Regina REXX
2.05.2 (Jun 2005) FreeBSD: xbsd.tgz
2.07.1 (May 2007) AIX 4.3: xaix43.tgz Object REXX
2.08.1 (2012) Windows: xwnt.zip Object REXX, Regina REXX
Linux: xlinux.tgz Object REXX



  • Closed source freeware


  • Blair W. Thompson