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The Workplace Shell Toolkit also known as WPS Toolkit or WPSTK, is a set of C libraries that addresses not only WPS programming, but also PM programming. It helps in some more low-level tasks like providing an function to access the DosFind functions much more easier and can help to ease e.g. the settings handling enormously as well.

The following major APIs of the Workplace Shell Toolkit possibly are of particular interest:

  • Settings and Details Manager
  • Extended Attributes Manager
  • Memory Mapped Files Manager
  • Text Message File (TMF) Support
  • NLS related functions
  • Process related functions
  • PM helper and PM control functions
  • Bubble Help API

Compiler and editor support

The Workplace Shell Toolkit can be used with and comes with code and import libraries for the following compilers:

  • IBM C Set ++ Version 2.1
  • IBM VisualAge C++ Version 3.x
  • EMX 0.9d / gcc 2.8.1
  • InnoTek GCC Version 3.3.5 or later (untested with later GCC versions)
  • Open Watcom Version 1.5 or later

In addition a syntax highlighting file is available for the following editors:


  • C compiler
  • OS/2 SDK


  • Current version: 1.70 - Updated version is available from the Netlabs SVC server
  • Version 1.6 - Adds support for Open Watcom and InnoTek GCC compilers



  • Open Source software released under the GPL v2 license.