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WindowBuilder Pro is an add on product for Smalltalk development systems that was originally made by Objectshare Systems in a version for 16 bit MS Windows and OS/2 for Smalltalk/V and later in an 32 bit OS/2 version as well, but later taken over by Instantiations Inc. who added a 32 bit Windows version and support for VisualAge Smalltalk. Commonly shortened as WBPro, the tool allowed the VA Smalltalk programmer to simplify the building user interfaces for VAS by developing WYSIWYG UI development, allowing you to interactively create, place, and edit user interface controls in your Smalltalk applications.

Later versions of WindowBuilder Pro had full support for NLS development including support for DBCS languages, in addition to drag and drop support for OS/2 and OLE for Windows, visual inheritance, morphing of controls and so on.

The product supported Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows NT and OS/2 Warp in the late 90's and the user interfaces created for one version of VA Smalltalk worked with any other version, however support for Smalltalk/V had been dropped by that point.


  • Version 4 introduced in 1997 - Added a whole host of new features for both the OS/2 and Windows version, see this archive page for more info.



  • Commercial software - Discontinued.


  • Objectshare Systems - Original publisher
  • Instantiations - As Smalltalk Systems (StS)