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WidgetKit/Business Graphics is an add-on product for VisualAge Smalltalk developed by Instantiations Inc. It is a library of graphic components primarily intended for people programming business applications and gives you a variety of charts and graphs that you can use in your software. You get 50 standard and 21 3-D chart types, all with printing and metafile support. The WidgetKit/Business Graphics was built upon the Presentation Graphics SDK, also used in Corel Chart, Macromedia Action and others.

Features include, Autoscaling that can be overridden if desired, horizontal and vertical charting, on-screen editing, statistical and curve fitting function, chart templates and more. The 3-D charts are true 3-D, with 360 degree rotation, axis resizing, and zoom. Log-log, BiPolar, and Dual-Y zoom. Log-log, BiPolar, and Dual-Y element in a graph is interactively selectable. This can be used to provide a drill-down capability.

The product supported Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows NT and OS/2 Warp in the late 90's and the graphs created for one version of VA Smalltalk worked with any other version.


  • 1997: Version 4
  • 1997-12-01: Version 4.02 - Bug fix release


  • Commercial software - Discontinued - Original list price USD 795.