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An optimizing compiler for DOS that comes with a full range of programming tools, including a windowed source-level debugger.


Watcom C for DOS was derived from the earlier Waterloo C for S/370.

WATCOM Express C provides an integrated development environment, including an editor, compiler, debugger, and run-time library that are all memory-resident.


  • Apr 1988: WATCOM C6.0
  • Sep 1988: WATCOM C6.5 - Graphics library
  • 1989: WATCOM C7.0, WATCOM C7.0/386
  • 1990: WATCOM C8.0, WATCOM C8.0/386
  • 1991: WATCOM C8.5, WATCOM C8.5/386 - OS/2 host support
  • 1992: WATCOM C9.0, WATCOM C9.0/386 - OS/2 2.0 host and target support
  • 1992: WATCOM C9.01/386 - Windows 3.1 support

Later versions were shipped under the name Watcom C/C++.


  • Andrew Schulman: Inside Watcom C 7.0/386 - Dr. Dobb's Journal (Mar 1990)