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A software company originally founded 1981 in Waterloo (Ontario, Canada) under the name Watcom International Corporation. It was bought by Powersoft in 1994.


The Waterloo Basic interpreter was developed at the University of Waterloo in Canada in the mid 1970's, that was later used as a basis of a number of development systems for languages as disparate as Pascal, Fortran, APL, GKS and Cobol. A number of employees from the Computer Systems Group of the UoW left in 1981 to form the Watcom company that made development tools based on their earlier work.

The company was taken over by Powersoft in 1994, which in turn was taken over by Sybase a year later. Since neither company was interested in the Watcom C/C++ and FORTRAN tools, they were discontinued and after pressure from graphic driver software developer Scitech, agreed to open source them.


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  • James Wesley Graham
  • Ian McPhee
  • Fred Crigger
  • Franklin David Boswell - Vice president of marketing and sales
  • Rob Veitch - Chief Architect and Technical Manager (VX-REXX)
  • Brian Vink
  • Eric Giguère - VX-REXX developer and head VX-REXX library dev.