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VisPro/Reports is a REXX enabled report writer for VisPro/REXX, VX-REXX and OS/2 REXX. It allows you to print reports including invoices, form letters, personnel reports, financial reports. A wide variety of Avery™ labels are supported allowing you to print address and other labels easily. A CUA'91 style WYSIWYG report designer makes it easy to include business graphics, photographs, calculated fields, multi-line text, lines and other cosmetic shapes. Apply numerous object attributes, including 16 million colours, OS/2 ATM fonts, line styles, line widths, fill patterns, drop shadows.


  • Free-format report drawing facility gives you complete flexibility of report object placement, colour, font and other attributes. Object Settings notebooks, report settings view, pop-up menus, direct editing, drag and drop support reduces your learning curve by presenting a user-interface that is completely consistent with the OS/2 Workplace Shell.
  • Lines, rectangles, rounded-rectangles, ellipses, bitmap images and multi-line text objects allow you to polish your reports with logos, borders and shaded areas for emphasis. Make reports consistent with your company's publishing style guidelines.
  • Create new databases or reverse-engineer existing database into Entity/Relationship (E/R) diagrams. Easily create text, business graphics and 'join' reports by dragging database tables to the VisPro/Reports editor. Supports DB2, SQL Anywhere (formerly Watcom SQL) and all ODBC-enabled databases.
  • Programmable objects can have their values set from database or REXX data. Field objects support decimal, scientific notation, integer and international currency formats. Calculated fields allows display of derived values. Fields support add, subtract, multiply and divide row functions. Field column functions include sum, average, minimum, maximum and count. Other field functions include date, time, page number, item index, page index and group index.
  • Bitmap objects can display different image files or images stored in BLOB data types, allowing you to include employee photos in personnel reports, home photos in real estate reports.
  • Multiple line text objects support embedding of data names for print merges and form letters.


System requirements

  • OS/2 2.x or higher
  • 5Mb memory
  • 2Mb hard disk space

VisPro/Reports Version 2.1 Improvements

  • Support for all Warp 4.0 printer drivers.
  • NLS support enhancements.
  • Several new APIs and improvements.


  • Latest Version: VisPro/Reports 2.1 (DLL update 2.1b (01-14-1997) for use with VisPro/Reports 2.1 only)


  • Discontinued. Commercial.
  • Author: HockWare Incorporated (Dave Hock)