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Virtual Pascal Installer

Virtual Pascal is a cross-platform 32-bit Pascal development system that mimics classic Turbo Pascal in operation and user interface. It sports a compiler, linker and debugger, targets OS/2, 32 bit Microsoft Windows, some 32-bit DOS extenders and has experimental support for Linux. Its open architecture allows this compatibility to be extended in theory to more Intel-based operating systems, including full source-level debugging but due to the discontinuation of the project and lack of public source code that is unlikely to ever happen.

Notably, VP has better support for Borland and Turbo Pascal code than any other 32 bit tool, including later Borland systems, furthermore the support for Turbo Vision code is amongst the best ever released, also notable is that compiler itself is written entirely in assembly language making it blindingly fast.


  • Ager's Socket Library - TCP/IP toolkit for Virtual Pascal - Open Source - Discontinued
  • vpTCP - TCP/IP toolkit for Virtual Pascal - Open Source - Discontinued


  • 1995: Virtual Pascal 1.0
  • 1996: Virtual Pascal 1.1
  • 1998: Virtual Pascal 2.0
  • Latest version: Virtual Pascal v2.1 (Build 279, Beta) (22 Aug 2004)
There have been occasional talks about releasing a bug-fix version from time to time but nothing has happened in the matter since early 2009.



Source code:


  • Freeware - Discontinued.

Authors & publishers

  • Vitaly Miryanov (Original author)
  • fPrint Software (Original publisher)
  • Allan Mertner (Current code owner and maintainer)