VioWrtCharStr (FAPI)

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Att.gif Legacy Function Warning
It is recommended to use a newer replacement for this function.
Replacement: VioWrtCharStr
Remarks: This page list the older version of the function for reference.

This call writes a character string to the display.


VioWrtCharStr (CharStr, Length, Row, Column, VioHandle) 


CharStr (PCH) - input 
Address of the character string to be written.
Length (USHORT) - input 
Length, in bytes, of the character string.
Row (USHORT) - input 
Starting cursor row.
Column (USHORT) - input 
Starting cursor column.
VioHandle (HVIO) - input 
This must be zero unless the caller is a Presentation Manager application, in which case it must be the value returned by VioGetPs.

Return Code

rc (USHORT) - return

Return code descriptions are:

  • 0 NO_ERROR


If a string write gets to the end of the line and is not complete, the string write continues at the beginning of the next line. If the write gets to the end of the screen, the write terminates.

PM Considerations

Write a character string to the Advanced VIO presentation space. The caller must specify the starting location on the presentation space where the string is to be written.

Example Code

C Binding

#define INCL_VIO

USHORT  rc = VioWrtCharStr(CharStr, Length, Row, Column, VioHandle);

PCH              CharStr;       /* String to be written */
USHORT           Length;        /* Length of character string */
USHORT           Row;           /* Starting row position for output */
USHORT           Column;        /* Starting column position for output */
HVIO             VioHandle;     /* Video handle */

USHORT           rc;            /* return code */

MASM Binding

EXTRN  VioWrtCharStr:FAR
INCL_VIO            EQU 1

PUSH@  OTHER   CharStr       ;String to be written
PUSH   WORD    Length        ;Length of character string
PUSH   WORD    Row           ;Starting row position for output
PUSH   WORD    Column        ;Starting column position for output
PUSH   WORD    VioHandle     ;Video handle
CALL   VioWrtCharStr

Returns WORD

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