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V is an easy to program, cross-platform C++ graphical user interface framework. V was designed to make it easier to write C++ graphical user interface applications regardless if they are commercial, shareware, or freeware. In addition to OS/2 it supports MS Windows 16 and 32 bit and Unix like operating system via X11, note that the OS/2 version is available in versions for native OS/2 and XFree86

The original author of the package later introduced an IDE written using the package that supported C++ programming in general and the V C++ GUI Framework package in particular but that was only released in versions for Linux and 32 bit MS Windows.


  • Latest version: 1.9 for UNIX and 32-bit MS Windows
  • Latest OS/2 version: 1.21 (native), 1.24 (XFree86)
V portable C++ GUI Framework V 1.21 (1999-03-12)
V portable C++ GUI Framework V 1.24 XFree86/2 (2000-03-26)
  • Latest Windows 16-bit version: 1.27


Note that the original author deleted all references and downloads to the package from his own pages a few years ago citing hosting cost reasons, however there are a couple of archives of the sites available, most (but not all) of the related code is available from SourceForge.



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