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VX-REXX Extras is an extension library for Watcom VX-REXX version 2.1. It contains a number of useful functions and several new object classes (a Warp 4 style notebook control, an improved graphical pushbutton, a progress bar, and a tooltip control).

A library package for VX-REXX that focuses on making available more modern UI constructs than are shipped with the now rather vintage Watcom package, it is delivered as a dynamic link library (VROBJEX.DLL) that is used as both the object library for developers and as a runtime for end users.

Amongst other enhancements the package offers:

  • Support for flyover help (tooltips) with any type of control.
  • A progress bar control supporting different visual styles (Progress).
  • An enhanced button control supporting various combinations of image and text (IconButton)
  • A Warp-4-style notebook control (TabbedDialog)
  • A colour selection dialog (using the PM "colour wheel" control)
  • A directory selection dialog
  • Functions for accessing clipboard even from text-mode programs


  • VX-REXX Extras version 1.3.2


Open source software released under the Three Clause BSD Licence