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Used to define commands on a command bar.


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A command pane is a horizontal bar in a command window that holds CommandObjects. You can use any of the CommandObjects, although they all might not make sense to use on a command bar (a List, for example, is a bit large for the visual paradigm, but it would work). The layout is left to right, so you don't need to fill in the RightOf and Below fields. You can include Frames in a command bar, and commands contained in that frame do use the RightOf and Below attributes.

You define the commands on a command bar using a CommandObject array. You first create the command pane with myCmdPane = new vCommandPane(CommandBar), and then add it to the window with AddPane(myCmdPane).

You then handle the command objects in a command bar pretty much like the same way as in a dialog. The main difference is that you use the vWindow versions of SetValue and WindowCommand instead of the corresponding methods of the vDialog class. Other than the left to right ordering, things are pretty much the same.


The discussion of CommandObject and vDialog contains several examples of defining command objects.

See the section vPane for a general description of panes.

See Also

vCmdWindow, vStatus, CommandObject, vDialog, vPane