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A class to show a window with various command panes.


Class name:
vBaseWindow ->vWindow ->vCmdWindow
vDialog, vPane


The vCmdWindow class is derived from the vWindow class. This class is intended as a class that serves as a main control window containing various vPane objects such as menu bars, canvases, and command bars. The main difference between the vCmdWindow class and the vWindow class is how they are treated by the host windowing system. You will normally derive your windows from the vCmdWindow class.


vCmdWindow(char* title)
vCmdWindow(char* title, int h, int w)

These construct a vCmdWindow with a title and a size specified in pixels. You can use theApp->DefaultHeight() and theApp->DefaultWidth() in the call to the constructor to create a ``standard'' size window. Note that the height and width are of the canvas area, and not the entire window.

Inherited Methods

See the section vWindow for details of the following methods.

virtual void KeyIn(vKey key, unsigned int shift)
virtual void MenuCommand(ItemVal itemId)
virtual void WindowCommand(ItemVal Id, ItemVal Val, CmdType Type)
virtual void AddPane(vPane* pane)
virtual void GetPosition(int& left, int& top, int& width, int& height)
virtual int  GetValue(ItemVal itemId)
virtual void RaiseWindow(void)
virtual void ShowPane(vPane* wpane, int OnOrOff)
virtual void SetValue(ItemVal itemId, int Val, ItemSetType what)
virtual void SetString(ItemVal itemId, char* title)
virtual void SetTitle(char* title)
virtual void UpdateView(vWindow* sender, int hint, void* pHint)
virtual void CloseWin()

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