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I'm Rosuav, known in that other world as Chris Angelico. I first met OS/2 when my father installed it on our computers, but I didn't start doing any development until the Warp 3 days. As of July 2008, I'm managing a network with mostly eComStation 1.2 systems, with eCS 2.0 RC4 running one of our servers.

Languages used for development:

  • C++
  • C (for SOM and Angband only, I prefer C++)
  • REXX
  • Assembly
  • Java
  • Others on occasion

Most of my work is copyediting, but I will add serious content on topics that mean a lot to me.

You'll find me under the same user name on en.wikipedia and many other places. Communicate with me via ye olde SMTP, crucial contact information rosuav at rosuav, with a dot and a com on the end. :-)

Thank you, and have a great millisecond.

Contact Information

* e-mail: rosuav at rosuav dot com