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Flags for rendering of rasterized data.

Miscellaneous flags used by the graphics engine for rendering of rasterized data.

 ulBltFlags (ULONG) 


BF_DEFAULT_STATE Blt direction is left to right and top to bottom.

BF_DIR_X_NEGATIVE Blt direction is towards X origin.

BF_DIR_Y_NEGATIVE Blt direction is towards Y origin.

BF_ROP_INCL_SRC ROP includes a source bit map.

BF_ROP_INCL_PAT ROP includes a pattern bit map.

BF_SRC_TRANSPARENT Source transparent involved.

SRC will not change when SRC = BG_COLOR.

BF_DST_TRANSPARENT Destination transparent involved.

DST will not change when DST = BG_COLOR.

BF_PAT_TRANSPARENT Pattern transparent involved.

Pattern not involved when PAT = BG_COLOR.

BF_PAT_SOLID Pattern is solid; all Foreground color.

BF_PAT_HOLLOW Pattern is hollow (empty); no Foreground color.

BF_APPLY_BACK_ROP Treat ROP as Foreground mix and MonoBackROP as Background mix.

BF_SRC_MONOINVERT Zero (0) bits are Foreground on monochrome SRC bit map.

BF_PAT_MONOINVERT Zero (0) bits are Foreground on monochrome PAT bit map.

BF_SRC_BITS_EXTERNAL Source bit map bits are in a nondevice-specific format.

BF_LAST_BLT Defines last blit in a banded BitBlit.

BF_SRC_Y_FLIP Source Y coordinates are inverted relative to device origin.

BMAP_VERTICAL_SCAN Scan lines are in a vertical format instead of the default horizontal format.