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LMI advert from 1991

LMI's UR/FORTH is a Forth interpreter/compiler and assembler that targets Intel 80x86 and Motorola 680x0 processors and was available for DOS, OS/2 and the 68000 version of AT&T UNIX. It has floating point and graphics support in the DOS and OS/2 versions.

According to the original sales blurb it "is a segmented implementation designed for use under modern multi-tasking operating systems with virtual memory and memory protection. It allows full access to the host's fie system, message-passing, and memory allocation services, while achieving high performance via direct threaded code, top-of-stack in register, a nativecode optimizer that can be applied selectively to high-level definitions, and use of a completely hashed symbol table rather than the traditional single- or multi-threaded linked dictionary."

The package also supported LMI Forth-83, a cross development tool that ran on top of UR/FORTH.

By 1991 the package had been renamed Interactive Forth-83 and support for the AT&T UNIX and 68xx0 code generation had been dropped, but support for 386 protected mode DOS had been added in addition to the capability to have the system self hosted on a 386 PC, the product was by then a full development system with its own editor and debugging facilities.


  • Commercial - Discontinued