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This file is referred on OS/2 as the "Unicode Driver". It is also required by JFS.IFS file system driver.

This driver has hard coded the path of "<boot drive>:\LANGUAGE\CODEPAGE". If you move the folder from its location UNICODE.SYS will give you errors on boot, no matter if you changed the config.sys statement to the new location.


Date Version Size Comments
2002-09-04 17:31 14.93 20,014 bytes \OS2\BOOT

DLLs Loaded

Source Code

The source code of this file is not available.

CONFIG.SYS Documentation

Warp Server for e-Business Unicode Driver, enables Unicode and locale support. Necessary for JFS.IFS.



Specifies that base locale setting is permanent. If selected \LANGUAGE\LOCALE\DEFAULT.LOC overrides the config.sys settings.
Disables codepage conversion, must not be used with JFS.IFS

Platform Support

OS/2 2.x OS/2 3.0 OS/2 4.0 OS/2 4.5x
No No No Yes