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Part of Universal Audio Driver (UniAud).Uniaud32.sys is the actual audio driver that connects to the hardware and makes it work. It consists of a modified ALSA core and some OS/2 specific pieces which make it load and run on an OS/2 system.

Supports the following audio cards:

  • Sound Blaster Live!
  • Cirrus Logic CS4281 chipset based audio cards
  • Avance Logic ALS4000 chipset based audio cards
  • C-Media CMI8738 chipset based audio cards
  • Intel ICHx + SigmaTel STAC9721/23 chipset based audio cards

NOTE: Uniaud will crash if EARLYMEMINIT=TRUE is in the config.sys


Date Version Size Comments
2018-11-16 2.02.05 699,826 bytes By D. Azarewicz
2018-01-12 2.02.04 691,888 bytes


DEVICE=UNIAUD32.SYS <parameters>


  • /A:n - Use audio adapter n where the first adapter is 0.
  • /V - Verbose
  • /C:CARDNAME - Force audio hardware to *only* use the specified driver. Where CARDNAME is:
    • SBLIVE : Sound Blaster Live!
    • CS4281 : Cirrus Logic CS4281
    • ALS4000 : Avance Logic ALS4000
    • CMEDIA : C-Media CMI8738
    • ICH : Intel ICH + SigmaTel STAC9721/23