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An open source parser generator for Turbo Pascal compatible development tools, it is syntax compatible with the UNIX style Lex/YACC tools but outputs Turbo Pascal compatible code rather than C code. Like other Lex/YACC based or compatible tools Turbo Pascal Lex/Yacc does not have quite the power or flexibility of the Modula-2 and Oberon based tools such as CoCo and Cocktail, but on the other hand there does not appear to be a version of either of these two currently for OS/2 that offers Pascal output.


  • Latest version: Turbo Pascal Lex/Yacc 4.1a - tply41a.zip
The 4.x versions are released as source code only but they and their output compile cleanly with most Turbo Pascal compatible tools such as Free Pascal, Virtual Pascal and TMT Pascal.




  • Albert Graef
  • Berend de Boer