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Turbo Basic was a BASIC development environment for DOS introduced by Borland in 1987 that integrated a BASIC compiler developed by Robert Zale with the IDE debugger and other programming utilities Borland had developed for Turbo Pascal.


When Philippe Kahn decided to purge the Borland catalogue of all programming tools that were not object-oriented or developed in-house in 1989 the rights to the compiler reverted back to original developer Robert Zale, PC-SIG negotiated to license the IDE and related tools back from Borland and the compiler from Zale and published it under the name PowerBASIC later the same year, after PC-SIG's distribution proved to not be up to the task Zale formed a company called Power Basic Inc. and took over the distribution himself.


  • 1987: Turbo Basic 1.0 (also bundled in Topware Basic CD-ROM (TOP558))
  • 1987: Turbo Basic 1.01
  • 1987: Turbo Basic 1.1
  • 1987: Turbo Basic Database Toolbox
  • 1988: Turbo Basic Editor Toolbox



Authors and publisher

  • Robert Zale(Original author)
  • Borland (Original publisher)
  • PC-SIG
  • Power Basic Inc.