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IBM SAA AD/Cycle TranslationManager/2 (short TranslationManager/2) is an productivity tool to support the translation of documentation and program-integrated textual information by bilingual developers or trained translators.

The tool was open sourced by IBM in 2010.

Language Support

A unique capability is its language support. Reduction to stem forms is available during automatic dictionary lookup, sentence segmentation analysis, and spell checking for the following languages: Catalan, Danish, Dutch preferred, Dutch modern, English UK, English US, French Canadian, French, German Swiss, German, Greek, Icelandic, Italian, Norwegian Bokmol, Norwegian Nynorsk, Portuguese Brazilian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish.


  • Jun 1992: SAA AD/Cycle TranslationManager/2
  • 1994: TranslationManager/2 Version 1.0
  • May 1996: TranslationManager Version 2 - English
  • Sep 1996: TranslationManager Version 2 - French, German, Italian, Japanese


  • GC34-4358: IBM SAA AD/Cycle A Guide to Integration Scenarios
  • GH12-5931: IBM SAA AD/Cycle TranslationManager/2: An Introduction
  • SH12-5906: IBM SAA AD/Cycle TranslationManager/2
  • SH12-6275: IBM TranslationManager: Translator's Workbook
  • SH12-6276: IBM TranslationManager: Translator's Reference


  • 292-334 - IBM SAA AD/Cycle TranslationManager/2 (1992-06-16)
  • 294-088 - IBM TranslationManager/2 Version 1.0 (1994-02-22)
  • 296-180 - IBM TranslationManager Version 2 Helps to Reduce Translation Costs (1996-05-28)
  • 902-009 - Software Withdrawal: IBM TranslationManager (2002-01-15)