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An assembly language development system for 16 bit OS/2, Windows and DOS code, in addition to supporting Psion series 3 development if bought as a part of or used alongside the PSION SIBO C SDK. The TechKit can be run as a native OS/2 application or by cross compiling from DOS. In addition to the assembler and post-mortem debugger the Techkit came with source code for all the libraries shipped with other TopSpeed development systems including Modula-2, C, C++ and Pascal, header files and libraries for Windows (16 bit) development and resource and help file compilers.

Although usable as an assembly language development system on its own it was mainly intended as an add-on to the existing TopSpeed compiler systems and indeed was often sold bundled with them in "Extended editions", it was also bundled with the PSION "SIBO C SDK Professional Edition" and in that case was shipped with the source code for the PSION SIBO (S3, Siena, MX and Walkabout operating system) libraries.


  • Last known version: 3.10
  • Although you can develop OS/2 Presentation Manager applications without the OS/2 SDK, it is highly recommended that you use it since the PM support of the TopSpeed environment is rather weak in the parts were tools from the SDK already existed.
  • DOS 3.0 or later and/or OS/2 1.3 or later.


  • Commercial - Discontinued