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A C++ development system for 16 bit OS/2, Windows and DOS code, can be run natively or by cross compiling from DOS, can also be used to develop for the PSION series 3 if used in conjunction with the PSION s3 SDK. System now owned by Soft Velocity who use it as a utility development system for their Clarion database product and an OS/2 compatible product is no longer being offered. Originally a development of the TopSpeed Modula-2 package and shares the same environment and back-end.

The TopSpeed C++ compiler came out considerably later than the Pascal, Modula-2 and C compilers from the same company and was never considered as good as they were, but the later versions are a distinct improvement in particular the 3.10v, although by now completely outdated and only really usable for DOS development in general and in the case of OS/2 for text mode development.


  • 1992: 3.02
  • Last known version: 3.10


  • For Windows 3.x or Win-OS/2 programming the TopSpeed TechKit is required, but the tools from it integrate into the TopSpeed environment.
  • Although you can develop OS/2 Presentation Manager applications without the OS/2 SDK, it is highly recommended that you use it since the PM support of TopSpeed C++ is rather weak in the parts were tools from the SDK already existed.
  • DOS 3.0 or later and/or OS/2 1.3 or later.


  • Commercial - Discontinued