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Timur Tabi is a Linux device driver developer who was once a well-known OS/2 user and developer. Timur used to work at IBM on the OS/2 multimedia subsystem. During that time, he:

  • Created RTMIDI, the real-time MIDI subsystem.
  • Created the MPU-401 device driver.
  • Pioneered the development of C++ in OS/2 device drivers.
  • Did the initial work on the object-oriented audio device driver sample.

After leaving IBM in 1997, Timur no longer did any major OS/2 development but still contributed to the OS/2 community, particularly by giving presentations on OS/2 programming at the Warpstock conferences. Timur finally gave up OS/2 altogether in 2004, when he had to get rid of his personal PC and his home office to make room for his second child.


  • Web Browser Auto-UnZip - Script
  • BattleTech/2 - The Ultimate OS/2 Game [1]


Republishing Permission
Timur Tabi have permission to release his EDM/2 articles under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0. Martin Iturbide requested this on 17-Feb-2012 and received the permission the same day.


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  • PRG-01 - Introduction to Programming - Warpstock 2000
  • PRG-02 - Jungo's WinDriver for OS/2 - Warpstock 2000
  • Introduction to programming - Warpstock 1999
  • Introduction to REXX programming - Warpstock 1999
  • Introduction to Presentation Manager programming
  • Introduction to Assembly language programming - Warpstock 1999
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  • Introduction to device driver programming - Part II - Warpstock 1999
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