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A set of multi-platform C++ class libraries introduced in 1996 as an add on to the Tools.h++ foundation class library. The library simplifies the creation, interprocess communications and synchronisation of threads and introduces a new simplified cross platform thread model which cuts down on porting time.

The Threads.h++ library did not support all of the platforms supported by Tools.h++, but was available for 32 bit versions of MS Windows (Win 9x, Win NT, et al), Sun Solaris, HP-UX and AIX in addition to OS/2.

The company stopped selling the Threads.h++ library as a separate product in 2001 and folded it into a new product called SourcePro C++. It appears that the introduction of thread support in the standard C++ library has killed much of the interest in the library even though was both easier to use and more powerful & portable than the standard version.


  • Threads.h++ version 2 introduced in 2000. Reorganisation of the tools into separate packages but otherwise largely unchanged from v1.4, new tracing facility.
  • Threads.h++ version 1.4 introduced in 1999 (?), primarily bug fixes.

License and availability

  • Commercial software - Discontinued - Original price 695 USD for each available platform or 1390 USD for all three