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Thomas Klein started to use OS/2 back in 1993 rather accidentally when he came across a 2.11 edition at a shop sellout. He gave it a try and became passionate about it ever since back then. He is probably known best as a long-term contributor of the VOICE Newsletter especially for his development article series "DrDialog or how I learned to stop worrying and love REXX."

He was Chairman of the Event Team of Warpstock Europe 2006 in Cologne, Germany and became a founding member of the team. While in his professional scope, Thomas has mostly retired from developing, he keeps doing it for fun - and for OS/2. At least, as long as it can be done with REXX.

Besides his second life in the OS/2 community, he was a freelance IT consultant for many years with a focus on software testing, and since 2006 is working as a QA manager for SapientNitro and recently joined their Cologne-based Studio that focuses on mobile experience.


Republishing Permission
Thomas Klein gave permission to release his articles under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0. Martin Iturbide received the permission on July 13, 2012 via skype.