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A utility class to display a message, and get a Yes or No answer.


[vquickr.htm#vYNReplyDialog <v/vynreply.h>]
Class name:
[vmodald.htm vModalDialog] ->vYNReplyDialog


This simple utility class can be used to display a simple message to the user. The utility displays the message, and then waits for the user to enter to press Yes, No, or Cancel.

New Methods

vYNReplyDialog(vBaseWindow* win)

vYNReplyDialog(vApp* app)

The vYNReplyDialog constructor requires a pointer to a vBaseWindow, which includes all V windows and dialogs, or a pointer to the vApp object. You will usually pass the this to the constructor.

int AskYN(const char* prompt)

You provide a prompt for the user. The user will then press the Yes, No, or Cancel buttons. AskYN returns a 1 if the user selected Yes, a 0 if they selected No, and a -1 if they selected Cancel.


The following is a simple example of using vYNReplyDialog.


    #include <v/vynreply.h>
    vYNReplyDialog ynd(this);   // instantiate a notice

    int ans = ynd.AskYN("Exit. Are you sure?);
    if (ans == 1)