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A class to manipulate lists for [commands#C_List] C_List controls.


Class name:


 class vSList

      public:		//---------------------------------------- public
	vSList(int maxsize = 128);

	void erase();
	int size();
	int insert(int insAt, char* strn);
	int replace(int repAt, char* strn);
	int deleteItem(int delAt);

	int max;
	char** list;


This class is provided to make manipulation of lists used in C_List controls easier. You can find some good example code in the VIDE.


vSList(int maxsize=128)

You can specify in the constructor the maximum size of the list you will be working with. Someday I hope to fix this class so that it will grow the list as needed.

void erase()

Erases the entire list. Deletes each item on the list, but leaves the space for list intact.

int size()

Returns the number of items on the list.

int insert(int insAt, char* strn)

Inserts the string strn into the list at the point insAt. If insAt is less than zero, the item is appended to the end of the list.

int replace(int repAt, char* strn)

Replaces the item at repAt with the new strn.

int deleteItem(int delAt)

Deletes the item at delAt.

int max

This is the maximum size of the list.

char** list

This is the actual list of pointers to the list strings. I suppose it really shouldn't be directly accessible, but it is.


See Also

[vDialog#SetValue|vDialog::SetValue], [commands#C_List|C_List]