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A utility class to for global data.


Class name:


This class is not very useful. It was originally intended to be used as a base class for deriving your own myAppWinInfo class to serve as a controller data base for the MVC architecture, but it turns out that it isn't really that useful for that. The class will remain as a part of V. If you find a really useful application for this class, please let us know! There are new methods associated with vApp that are much better for MVC support.

V makes using a AppWinInfo object easier by automatically tracking it when you create each new window with NewAppWin. You can then easily retrieve the AppWinInfo object associated with each window by using the vApp::getAppWinInfo method.


vAppWinInfo(char* infoName = "", void* ptr = 0)

You can provide two values for the vAppWinInfo constructor. The first is a pointer to a character string which you can use to store some name meaningful to you application. The second is a void * pointer, and can be used to point to anything you want. The constructor makes a copy of the name string, but just copies the void pointer and does not copy the object pointed to.

Utility Methods

virtual char* infoName()

Returns a pointer to the name supplied to the constructor.

virtual void* getPtr()

Returns the value of the pointer name supplied to the constructor.

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