The Standard Function Library

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The SFL (Standard Function Library) is an open source C library developed in the 1990's by iMatix, it was intended to solve the problem of different compilers having quite different libraries for some commonly used functions making the porting of software between different C compilers more difficult than it should be. The SFL is written in compliance with the original ANSI C standard to facilitate use with compilers that had at the time not seen a lot of updates and in addition to OS/2 is known to work with DOS, MS Windows, Linux, AIX, SunOS, HP/UX, Solaris, NetBSD, FreeBSD, SCO OpenServer, Digital UNIX and Digital OpenVMS, and should be an easy port to operating systems that offer Unix like services and interfaces. It comes with complete sources and documentation in HTML.

It is getting a bit long in the tooth not having seen any updates since the turn of the century but still offers some functions not commonly found in basic libraries, and well worth a look for the hardcore C programmer.

The SFL provides over 450 functions that cover these areas:

  • Compression, encryption, and encoding; Datatype conversion and formatting
  • Dates, times, and calendars
  • Directory and environment access
  • User and process groups
  • Inverted bitmap indices
  • Symbol tables
  • Error message files
  • Configuration files
  • String manipulation and searching
  • File access
  • Internet socket access
  • Internet programming (MIME, CGI)
  • SMTP (e-mail) access
  • Server (batch) programming
  • Program tracing


  • Current version is 2.11



  • Open source software released under the SFL License Agreement.


  • iMatix Corp.