The Open Objects Library (OOL)

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The Open Objects Library (OOL) is a C++ class library which contains classes for GUI's, data types, multimedia functions and more. To use OOL it is an advantage if you have some experience in programming using class libraries and/or OS/2 API functions.

Please note a minor difference in spelling, the library was originally called Open Objects Library but later changed to a more grammatically correct Open Object Library.



  • BSD 3 Clauses
  • Some components are GNU LGPL as specified



The Open Object Library (OOL) project wants to thank the following people:

  • Eberhard Mattes for EMX and for answering our questions.
  • Benjamin Stein for his support.
  • Fabrizio Aversa for allowing the use of portions of his "Maverick Class Library"
  • Björn Fahller for allowing the use of portions of his "YEAH! library"