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I have started to split the document up into constituent parts and fix some of the large number of formatting errors on the page, it may look weird for a couple of days--Reiknir (talk) 06:48, 4 April 2016 (CEST)

I have noticed that there might be some small problems with the actual text of the document, I see that there might be small bits missing from the text, this text as it is is clearly taken from a conversion done by someone else ( and the same errors exist in that version of the document, Might some errors might have been introduced during the conversion process that were not in the original?

For instance MMPM2 Device Driver Reference:Notices the trademark listing starts with Helvetica, in an older paper version I have the trademark listing contains a number of Trademarks listed prior to that, not critical I know but might be an indication.--Reiknir (talk) 07:20, 4 April 2016 (CEST)

All images appear to be missing as well--Reiknir (talk) 07:27, 4 April 2016 (CEST) And I have found some values missing in the MIDI section, I have replaced all that I could find with the correct values but there are bound to be some that I miss

Did I say two days? Sheesh .. but finally finished--Reiknir (talk) 19:49, 15 April 2016 (CEST)