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A Pascal compiler by TMT Development Corporation, now renamed Framework Pascal. Work on the OS/2 and Linux target versions has been discontinued but they could still be purchased from the company fairly recently and those versions (v4 and v5) are supposedly "multi-target", i.e. the OS/2 version should produce code for DOS and MS Windows in addition to native binaries, and full libraries for all supported targets are supplied.

Early versions were modelled after but not fully compatiable with Turbo Pascal, by version 3 however the system had become fully compatible with Turbo and Borland Pascal 7 and the OWL Framework, the OS/2 versions 3 and 4 are upwards compatible with the companies current Windows 32/64 bit compilers and DOS 32 bit compilers that are still being developed.


Latest free versions
TMT Pascal Lite for OS/2 version 1.00 ( 1997/04/02)
TMT Pascal IDE for DOS version 3.5 SP2 (2002)
TMT Pascal Lite for DOS version 3.90d ( - 2003)
Note that the last releases (3.5 and 3.9) of the Lite pacakge for DOS were really the full compiler but with only DOS target support. Earlier "TMT Lite" version (1.x and 2x) including the OS/2 version however had a crippled output generator that did not perform any code optimisations, third party optimisers (there are a few on Hobbes for instance) will however work on code generated by TMT.
Latest Version for OS/2
TMT Pascal Multi Target for OS/2, DOS & Windows version 4.00 SP1 (2002)
Note that even though an OS/2 executable was no longer provided with versions 5 and later they still supported the generation of OS/2 code and may still do so to some degree. Early editions of version 5 at the least compiled OS/2 executables and late editions Linux code.
Latest version for Windows and DOS
Framework Pascal Multi-target version 6.10.


License and availability

  • Pascal Lite. Freeware
  • TMT Pascal. Commercial software - OS/2 version discontinued, DOS and MS Windows versions still developed.
  • List price for single target versions (v1 to v3.9) was US$99, list price for older multi target versions (v4 & V5) was US$ 349.


  • TMT Development Corp.