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Dr. Stefan Zollner is the head of the Physics department at the New Mexico State University. He used to work at IBM East Fishkill as a CMOS Integration Engineer.


Articles Copyright
Stefan Zollner both articles "A New Generation of Operating Systems for Personal Computers: OS/2 2.1" and "Selecting an Operating System, Part I: OS/2 2.x" was published by AIP and the rights are governed by the AIP copyright, see
Stefan Zollner article "Selecting an Operating System, Part I: OS/2 2.x" can also be found here
I had been told that AIP rarely refuse specific requests for reuse (with permission of the author), but they don’t relinquish the copyright.
On March 18 2012 Stefan Zollner gave permission to republish the OS/2 articles from this web site "Accessing ports and devices in OS/2 WARP". Martin Iturbide received this permission via e-mail.