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Returns the drive letter of the volume the system was booted from. In contrast to spQuerySysInfo('QSV_BOOT_DRIVE') a letter with appended colon is returned.

The function is equivalent to the following Rexx Statement:


Syntax: bootdrive = spGetBootdrive ( )

Returns: Drive letter of boot volume followed by a colon

Example Code:

/* bootdrv.cmd (spUtils Example Code) */
/* The env variable specified as argument is set to the drive letter of */
/* the boot volume, or if called without parameter, writes it to stdout */

CALL RXFUNCADD 'spLoadFuncs','spUtils','spLoadFuncs'
CALL spLoadFuncs

PARSE ARG varname rest

IF varname= THEN SAY spGetBootdrive()
ELSE CALL VALUE varname,spGetBootdrive(),'OS2ENVIRONMENT'

CALL spDropFuncs