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This function performs a decimal to hexadecimal conversation. In contrast to D2X, spD2X can deal with ULONG values.

Syntax: hexVal = spD2X ( decVal [ , [ type ] ] )

Parameters: decVal – the value to be converted

type – type of value. If specified, leading zeros are returned. To get uppercase letters, you have to specify the type in uppercase.

type description decimal value range hexadecimal value range
'n' unsigned nibble (4 bit value) 0-15 0-F
'b' unsigned byte (8 bit value) 0-255 00-FF
's' unsigned short (2 byte value) 0-65536 0000-FFFF
'l' unsigned long (4 byte value) 0-4294967295 00000000-FFFFFFFF

Table 1 spD2X value types

Returns: hexadecimal value

Example Code: (part of spSetAutoSleep example code)

/* wininfo.cmd (spUtils Example Code) */
SAY sp||'handle: '||ARG(2)||' (0x'||spD2X(ARG(2),'l')||')'