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A multi-platform program that takes C source code and creates a human readable text map out of it, it can work with single files or whole projects. This is primarily useful for initial evaluation of a program structure if you are taking over or joining a C project from anyone else or revisiting code you wrote years earlier but can also be useful as a documentation or teaching/learning tool.

Out of the box the software supports OS/2, Windows and DOS but has in the past also been available in versions for Linux and other UNIX like systems and should be portable to those systems with a minimum amount of fuzz.

The output text map divides the sources into sections that are folded in C style comments, including:

  • Total information and statistics
  • Function register (Sorted list of all functions)
  • List of function calls
  • Identifier list
  • Hierarcial list of calling sequences
  • Source lines map


  • Current version: 1.0 2000-05-14 - First open source release.
  • Version 0.99e 1997-01-26 - First freeware release.
  • Version 0.99b 1996-04-05 - Windows port and bug fixes
  • Version 0.98b 1996-03-06 - Initial shareware release - DOS and OS/2 only.


  • Original version was commercial shareware, version 0.99e and onwards were freeware and the current release is open source released under the GPL v2



  • Leif Erik Larsen