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A C++ class library that simplifies the usage of networking/internet sockets by making socket programming a part of the C++ IOStream.

Socket++ is something of a classic, it was one of the first open source C++ libraries to emerge in the 80's and had already matured by the early 90's, with minimal upkeep ever since mostly to make it compile correctly with modern compilers, the last version bump was in response to a text change in the license which should give you an indication of how little development it has seen, and needed, in the last few years. Although not as vital a tool as it was in years gone by it still sees widespread use.


  • OS/2 port of 1.11 for Watcom was done by Gordon Zeglinski, he apparently did not release his versions but detailed in an article (link below) what (minimal) changes he did to make it work.
  • An OS/2 port of 1.11 for VisualAge C++ by Paul Elliott existed at one time but has disappeared off the net, it had an extension for unnamed pipes that do not exist in the Unix world.
  • Current version of the library is 1.12.13 - 2011-12-27
This is functionally the same to the above 1.11 ports from the 90's but should compile more cleanly with recent versions of GCC with the possible lack of some non-internet socket types due to non-support by the OS/2-eComStation TCP/IP stack, that should not present a functionality problem in most cases. However the way Unix and OS/2 opens an IOSteam differ, but if you are using GCC you are probably using the Unix style anyway.



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License and availability

  • Open source software released under the One Clause BSD License without the disclaimer - Development of the library is mostly discontinued.


  • Gnanasekaran Swaminathan (Original author)
  • Paul Elliott (OS/2 + VAC++ port)
  • Gordon Zeglinski (OS/2 Watcom port)
  • Herbert Straub (Current maintainer)