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A Smalltalk development system originally introduced in late 1984 or early 1985 as Methods, a Smalltalk-80 compatible system for PC-DOS that supported text windows but not mice or graphics. In 1986 a version that supported graphics was introduced in the form of Smalltalk/V, and that was later updated with "Smalltalk/V 286" that supported the larger memory addressing capabilities of the 286 and then in 1988 with Smalltalk/V PM for OS/2 v1.x which was the first version of the system that used the native OS graphic capabilities.

Add on systems

  • AM/ST - Configuration management system for Smalltalk/V - Commercial - Discontinued
  • Silence - Versioning and source code control system for Smalltalk/V - Commercial - Discontinued
  • Synopsis - Automatic document creator
  • VOSS - Database/transaction/object persistence system - Commercial/open source - Discontinued
  • WindowBuilder Pro - Simplifies the creation of user interfaces.


  • Smalltalk/V PM for OS/2 V2 32bit.
Starts to allow you change the "Behaviours" of classes and diverge from the other version of Smalltalk/V, later evolved into the 32-bit OS/2 only PARTS Workbench.


Licence and availability

Discontinued commercial software

1991 price list
  • US$150 Smalltalk/V DOS
  • US$385 Smalltalk/V 286 DOS
  • US$395 Smalltalk/V Mac
  • US$475 Smalltalk/V PM OS/2
  • US$475 Smalltalk/V Win Windows 3.0